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We never leave you aloneCustomer service

Our customer service is able to deal with and resolve ordinary and extraordinary technical maintenance on all types of machines with highly experienced and courteous technicians.

In addition, there is also a remote assistance service available for customers, thanks to which they can connect to IMG’s control room, a service that is particularly appreciated by our foreign customers. From this station, our staff of several specialised technicians offer on-line support and consultancy to quickly solve problems.

An exclusive solutionIMG PRIME

IMG PRIME is the Industrial AIIoT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) solution from IMG. It is based on HTML5 WEB APP technology in order to manage different aspects of connected machines and lines, including: efficiency analysis, bottleneck detection, process telemetry and black box, energy consumption, preventive and predictive maintenance.

Our goal is to offer a digital Industrial IoT platform that is perfectly integrated with IMG’s machines and related processes, to provide greater transparency into how efficiently customers use their machines. In addition, our digital Industrial IoT solution identifies problems and malfunctions more easily, as well as offers new data-driven digital services.

IMG PRIME is divided into modules, each with its own specific function and accessible via authentication to the Cloud platform. The access is controlled by specific permissions and roles assigned to each user and verified through OAUTH2 authentication.

The machine and line data acquired, stored, processed and transformed into smart data can be viewed and analysed directly in the application by means of dashboards created with UI/UX design techniques focused on making comprehension and navigation simple and intuitive.

The application is responsive and therefore accessible from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

For further information or a quotation, please use one of the following addresses:

+39 030 314 645

Theoretical and practical training coursesIMG School

In order to provide our customers with an increasingly complete service, IMG has started collaborating with an educational institute specialised in the training of machinery operators in the elastomer sector. The training courses take place directly at IMG’s headquarter and include one day of theoretical training in class and one day of training directly on the machine.

With the help of qualified personnel, the operator is better able to use the press, which translates into greater productivity and reduced downtime in the event of production or mould changes.

For further information or a quotation, please use one of the following addresses:

+39 030 314 645