IMG has also specialized in the revision, in whole or in part, of the injection molding machines for elastomers and thermosets. The revisions make the press, even dated, a technologically updated machine that complies with current safety regulations, allowing substantial savings compared to a new purchase.
The IMG Service is able to face and solve ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on every type of machine, with Italian technicians of great experience and courtesy.


IMG also specialized in the revision of injection molding machines, both for elastomers and thermosets. The experience gained by our staff allows us, in fact, to carry out total revisions aimed at making the press a technologically updated machine that complies with current safety regulations.

To do all this, from the “old” press we exclusively recover the base (making appropriate changes) and the platens (duly rectified) replacing the remaining components with new construction details such as:

  • proportional hydraulic system

  • electrical plant on board the press

  • coupling of the MOOG control system

  • application of any accessories (inverter-pump, hydraulic jacks controls, robot interface, etc.

  • new painting (with colors according to customer request)

  • matching of the CE certification

At the end of the aforementioned works, the press can be defined to all intents and purposes a “new machine” at a significantly lower cost compared to a newly built press. Partial revisions of the presses, such as the clamping group or the remaking of the electrical and control systems, or any revision however defined in detail with the customer, close the type of revision that IMG is able to carry out.