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Robotic cells


A robotic cell is a highly automated configuration in which one or more machineries are integrated with each other. The total automation of the production process is designed to improve efficiency and precision, as well as facilitate the execution of repetitive processes.

In order to provide customers with a complete service of the highest level of automation, IMG can supply robotic cells starting from the machines in the catalogue. All our moulding machines, for injection and compression moulding, with vertical or horizontal layout, for processing elastomers, liquid or paste silicone and thermosets, can be integrated into automated cells.

The use of an integrated machine in an automated cell provides several advantages such as:

  • constant quality;

  • high level of programmability;

  • flexibility in the execution of different and repetitive processes;

  • continuous profitability and consequently greater competitiveness;

  • increased safety.

IMG robotic cells are CE certified.


total automation

Two examples of robotic cells by IMG

In order to offer the best fully automated solution, the cell is designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. Below you can find two examples of robot cells.

Robotic automation of two presses

This robotic cell consists of two presses model Gum horizontal with 450ton Hydroblock closing unit, an anthropomorphic robot dedicated to the removal of finished products from the mould and a conveyor belt. The system allows complete automation of the production cycle and high productivity for the customer.



Robotic automation of a vertical moulding machine

In this case, the automated cell was created by integrating our machine model NEK, also known as the “swan-neck” press.

The use of a swan-neck machine is recommended when it is necessary to work on large pieces or perform complex moulding operations. This press is particularly well suited to jobs that require a greater working depth or require easier access to the moulded pieces.

This robotic cell consists of a machine model NEK, an anthropomorphic robot and a conveyor belt. In the absence of dangerous projections of the moulded parts, the front of the island is protected by high-security laser scanners.

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