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The new REM injection moulding machine represents a highly innovative project for IMG, fully in line with the company’s policy, which has always focused on technological progress and improvement to meet the high demands of its customers.

The degree of innovation of the new machine, which has a clamping force of 3000 kN, consists of numerous improvements over hybrid technology in terms of energy consumption, costs and environmental impact (no oil in the circuit), maintenance costs and press life. In addition, the electronics allow a much more precise monitoring of all machine functions and therefore a much higher level of performance in terms of quality control of the moulds, control of the movement of the bodies inside the machine and measurement and adjustment of the working times.

The machine also ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption thanks to the introduction of plug-and-play energy management, where power is only consumed when it is actually needed.

It is also equipped with new Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as vibration sensors, IO-LINK transducers and drivers with predictive diagnostic libraries for performance detection and remote control.

The company has developed a highly innovative 300-ton injection moulding machine for the moulding of elastomers with purely electrical power to meet market demands for more efficient performance, energy savings and digitalisation of production processes.

Main technical features, specifications for standard machines

Clamping force: 3,000 Kn

Injection capacity: 620 cm3

Max daylight between platens: 1,100 mm

Specific injection pressure: 2500 bar

Mould thickness: 450 mm

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