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Among the GAMMA, you will find rubber injection moulding machines characterised by 3 types of injection units and 3 clamping units. They represent a variety of horizontal or vertical machines with defined characteristics, but which can be customised. It is possible to use several HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) with different inch sizes of the control panel. You can work with a wide range of thermohydraulic temperature control units with fieldbus connection (Euromap 82.1).

  • GUM Horizontal available with 3 clamping units – Hydroblock, toggle, toggle and Hydroblock (piston) – and 3 injection units – screw punch, screw and piston injection and FIFO injection. Discover the machine
  • GUM Vertical with 2 clamping units – Hydroblock FIFO injection and Hydroblock screw-piston injection – available. Discover the machine
  • MAGMA available with Hydroblock and toggle clamping units. Discover the machine
  • NEK G machine top-bottom handling, vertical injection and without guide columns. Discover the machine
  • GUM MCV vertical compression moulding machine with top-down piston closure. Discover the machine
  • REM highly innovative 300 tons injection moulding machine for elastomers with pure electric feed. Discover the machine
  • GUM VCV injection moulding machine with an ‘inverted piston’ clamping unit, 300-ton force and FIFO. injection unit. Discover the machine