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Horizontal moulding machine for thermosets with Hydroblock closure with four struts and high-pressure cylinder. Free moving platen guided on base with recirculating bearing guides, automatic greaser. Reaction head and cylinder-cutter supports guided with recirculating bearing guides. Self-lubricating bushings on reaction plate and locking strut. “Free” moving platen columns.

Square heating platens with chamfer with associated insulating plates type ORVIN 340° max. Reciprocating screw injection unit (with screw drive by hydraulic motor). Optionally, injection unit and related loading system for BMC. Latest technology hydraulic system with servomotor on pump driven by an inverter that can ensure significant energy savings as well as effective closed-loop control. Available from 100 to 400 TON.


  • The Magma is our specific model for the production of thermoset articles.
  • In this case, the material introduced into our machine is not in the form of a coil, but in the form of a powder, that is then compacted and heated, so that it hardens.
  • The external appearance of the machine is almost identical and even the two closures are the same as those of the rubber presses, with the same merits.

Main technical features, specifications for standard machines

CLAMPING FORCE: 1000 – 4500 KN



Technology The closures available

Hydroblock clamping unit

The Hydroblock closure is recommended for the production of technical parts or items for which high precision is required. This unit also allows for the degassing or injection-compression cycles (also called “open-mold injection”) required for certain materials and allows for high moving platen strokes.

Toggle clamping unit

The toggle clamping unit is excellent for making O-rings or very simple items.

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