IMG S.r.l.

Via Industriale 106 - 108
25020 Capriano del Colle (BS)
+39 030 314645

Our history

Rubber is in our DNAOur history

IMG is the result of the partnership of four founders, all of them coming from the rubber moulding presses sector. Today, it is a leading company in the production of injection and compression moulding presses for elastomers and thermosets. The focus of IMG is to meet customers’ needs by creating tailor-made solutions in order to guarantee full satisfaction and high-performance results.

The long experience and continuous research and development enable us to propose operational solutions that covers the entire elastomer and thermoset moulding sector, specifically offering the following features and more:

  • horizontal and vertical injection and compression moulding machines for elastomers and thermosets;
  • special presses designed to increase productivity or reduce cycle times;
  • individual design and manufacture of unique presses, i.e. injection or compression machines tailored to specific customer requirements;
  • full electric presses for incomparable savings and efficiency.
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The new generationThe experience of always being ahead

IMG is a dynamic and leading company in the rubber injection moulding machine sector.

Our long experience and constant research and development activities allow us to offer operating solutions that cover the entire elastomer and thermoset moulding sector: products conceived and developed to offer high production performance and equipped with special features that make them exclusive and innovative.

Innovation and technology

We are constantly looking for technical innovations that can improve our customers’ work and provide a complete proposal in the field of rubber injection moulding machinery:

  • Production of new rubber moulding machines designed, manufactured and customised for the customer;
  • Spare parts management;
  • Remote tele-assistance service through which it is possible to connect with IMG’s control room.

Sustainable development

IMG aims at creating value through the development of skills, knowledge and innovation. In addition, the goal of the company is to have a better, more sustainable, inclusive and safe society through its products and solutions.

  • Inclusion, meritocracy and the well-being of its human resources and the stakeholders with whom it interacts;
  • Sustainable development as a driver of growth;
  • Ethical attitude as an undeniable market value.