More than a simple new model

Innovation, this has always been the keyword to follow in IMG and it daily conjugates in a continuous development and expansion of the range of existing models, and creation of new solutions in the field of elastomer molding presses, all this without forgetting the green economy model.

Among the most significant innovations of the company there is the introduction of the new model of vertical injection moulding machine, the GUM VERTICAL VCV.

Recently finished the 3000kN of closing force version, the range will soon be completed with the development of two other models of 1000 and 2000 kN, while the 4500 kN model is actually in an advanced planning stage.

First aspect to underline is the single-action clamping unit with compression from bottomup; this mechanism allows the adjustment of the mould’s thickness dynamically to the position of the movable platen during the compression phase.

The particular upside-down piston clamping unit ensures a time reduction of about 30% of the total closing/opening phase of the mold, giving the machine greater reactivity and ensuring a significant reduction in energy consumption.

From a mechanical point of view, the clamping unit was then lightened by the mould height adjustment elements: indeed, the fixed platen now becomes a guided element.

This new model will also be equipped with servo-assisted motors (with pressure/flow retroaction) for the main and auxiliary movements in overlap, ensuring equal production time optimization.

The 4500kN closing force version will also be presented with the upside-down piston, retractable, then with the element output from the footprint of the mold area; in addition the less than a metre minimum height of the work plan will assure significant advantages on the ergonomic working position of the operators.

Also the hydraulic system of this new model has been completely revised and will now include a servo motor for the main movements, and the possibility of a second servo pump group for auxiliary movements in overlap.

Important innovations also with regard to the development of the injection unit for vertical presses, both Hydroblock and VCV series, with the addition of a new 700cc FIFO model that anticipates the future completion of the range with the 1300cc, 2500cc and 3500cc models; specific pressures up to 2400 bar.
In accordance with IMG principles, all FIFO’s injection units will be equipped with mobile sled carriage, in order to allow a more convenient accessibility/maintenance of the nozzle area.

Of primary importance in IMG is also the work related to the development of the software part of the machinery linked to the process of transition to the 4.0 Industry, with the aim of achieving, through a phase of monitoring and data collection, a more efficient management of the status of the machine, control and coordination of production.

In this regard, the LML – Light Machine Learning software module has been recently implemented, which is currently being tested, and will be released in the coming months. It is a “mold edge” data collection system that provides for a constant monitoring of the production cycle through key parameters.

The artificial intelligence algorithm can acquire variables during machine operation, keep historicized a certain number of cycles to create an ideal curve of operation.

This will become the “best cycle“, the ideal machining cycle of the machine, which will be compared with all subsequent cycles until the end of production.

If the comparison between the “ideal cycle” and the real cycle deviates by a certain parameter, an anomaly will be reported; from this point will start a series of events that will have effects defined by the users according to their production and stamping needs.

In the immediate future, all this translates into a reduction in waste for the user, but the company’s broader objective is a “modelling” of the rubber moulding system, and the creation of auto-adaptive machines that are able to correct and independently manage the production process in an intelligent way.

The analysis of the collected data will allow the company to improve its products, but it will also give the possibility of creating “custom” injection molding machines based on specific customer needs.

To complete this since the beginning of the year is already available a remote assistance service for all customers thanks to which the client can connect with the control room of IMG, where our staff of high-skilled technicians will offer online support and dedicated advice.