Industry 4.0


The advent of the 4.0 Industry looks like a sort of revolution that will lead to automated and interconnected industrial production. In Italy, an action has been planned by our Government to facilitate the industries willing to invest to adapt to this epochal transformation taking place, with over-amortization of up to 250%!

La società IMG non poteva esimersi dallo sviluppare quanto necessario affinché le proprie presse potessero avere le caratteristiche necessarie per rientrare appieno nei parametri stabiliti, che sono:

  • Control by means of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), simple and intuitive human machine interface;
  • Interconnection to computer systems at the factory SCADA, MES and ERP;
  • Interconnection with other machines of the company production cycle;
  • Possibility of remote control of the production process on any platform (tablet, smartphone, PC);
  • Possibility of remote assistance, remote diagnostics and smart alerts;

Continuous monitoring of the main process parameters through set of retro-activated sensors
The IMG company has set up a special “package” for the adjustment to “Industry 4.0”. We will be happy to provide any further information on this.