IMG obtains the CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY for commercial reliability
CRIBIS, the CRIF Group company specialized in the supply of commercial information, is the only company in Italy able to guarantee its customers a complete information asset, constantly updated and certified by the quality of the controls of Dun & Bradstreet, leader in Business Information globally.
The Cribis Prime Company is a recognition based on the CRIBIS Rating, a dynamic and constantly updated indicator on the reliability of the company.
The reliability of a business from a commercial point of view is equivalent to the probability that there will be unpaid payments of invoices to its suppliers in the 12 months following the time of the survey. Numerous variables are also analyzed such as budget ratios, payment experiences, prejudicial information as well as, of course, personal data and related to the legal form, the geographical area of ??belonging, the size and seniority of the company.
IMG is part of the 8% of Italian companies that have deserved the title of CRIBIS Prime Company, or companies that are recognized with the highest level of reliability from the point of view of commercial relations.