Record di vendite per Haitian International durante il primo semestre 2017

Dati Haitian International dal 01-01-2017 al 30-06-2017:

Valore vendite circa 650.200.000,00 €.
Più di 18.000 macchine consegnate.
Vendite serie servo-idraulica MarsII circa 15.000 unità.
Vendite serie a due piani JupiterII +39{8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} rispetto al primo semestre 2016 (400 unità).
Vendite serie elettriche Zhafir Zeres e VenusII +53{8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} rispetto al primo semestre 2016 (1.200 unità).
Agosto 21, 2017 – Hong Kong.

Sono stati comunicati i risultati da parte di Haitian International Holdings Ltd. (Exchange code: 1882) riguardanti il primo semestre del 2017: Il fatturato rivela un incremento del 30.5{8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} (650.200.000,00 €) rispetto alla prima metà del 2016 mentre l’utile netto riporta un +43.6{8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4}. Il conseguimento di questo risultato record per la storia di Haitian International è dovuto alla eccellente combinazione di mercato-strategia-prodotto. All’interno del mercato nazionale, grazie anche ad un economia in continua crescita, l’azienda ha raggiunto i 457.100.000,00 € (+29{8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} rispetto al primo semestre 2016). I continui e mirati investimenti per l’avviamento e il rafforzamento dei centri di sviluppo, assistenza e produzione all’interno dei mercati internazionali, hanno permesso ad Haitian International di creare e mantenere una rete di vendita e post-vendita affidabili, vicine al cliente e di qualità. Le vendite Export ammontano a 179.700.000,00 €, che equivale ad un incremento del 33{8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} rispetto al primo semestre del 2016.

Comunicato ufficiale di Haitian

Half-year result for 2017: Record sales again and increasing demand for Technology to the Point
Half-year record amount (converted into euros) of approximately € 650.2 million. +++ More than 18,000 machines delivered in the first half year +++ Consistent focus on electrics in small tonnages and two-platen technology in large tonnages +++ Two-platen Jupiter Series achieves around 39 {8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} growth +++ Electric Zhafir Series achieve 53 {8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} in comparison to the first half of 2016 +++ Servo-hydraulic Haitian Mars Series heads for new sales record: More than 15,000 already delivered

August 21, 2017 – Hong Kong.

Haitian International Holdings Ltd. (Exchange code: 1882), one of the biggest manufacturers of plastics injection molding machines in the world, announces its interim results. The corporate group achieved an impressive revenue of around 650.2 million euros for the first six months of 2017, which corresponds to an increase of 30.5 {8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} in comparison to the first half of 2016. Net profit increased by 43.6 {8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4}, a significant contribution to income through increased efficiency.

The reasons for what is so far the best result in the company’s history are a combination of the essential components for success: market + strategy + product.

Economic growth in China

In the Chinese domestic market, there is a strong demand for injection molding machines because of economic growth. Steadily rising production efficiency, together with an ever-increasing degree of automation and supply-side reforms, motivates plastic-processing companies to invest and trade in the old for the new. The result for our trade in China: Record sales of approx. 457.1 million euros were achieved, which represents an increase of more than 29 {8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} when compared to the first half of 2016.

Investments in international presence

Haitian International continues to invest in international markets with location-specific application centers and service expansions, for example in Germany, India, Turkey, and Mexico. The consistent development of services and application centers creates quality, availability, and trust. In addition, a significant recovery of the economy in Europe and the USA had a positive effect on the results. The outcome for our international trade: Export sales of 179.7 million euros and an increase of more than 33 {8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} compared to the first half of 2016.

Haitian International continues its investment strategy of “Technology to the Point” with additional cost-efficient solutions for achieving the perfect balance between productivity and flexibility at the lowest possible cost. Concentrating consistently on electric solutions in the smaller tonnages and on two-platen solutions in the mid-range and large tonnages has proven to be correct. Thus, in comparison to the same period last year the electric series of the Zhafir Plastics Machinery brand recorded a sensational increase of more than 55 {8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} in terms of quantities and sales respectively. In the first six months nearly 1,200 units left the factories. The two-platen Haitian Jupiter plus Series experienced a sales growth of more than 41 {8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} compared to the previous year, which corresponds to nearly 400 units sold. In just the first six months of the year, the servo-hydraulic best-selling Haitian Mars Series achieved an increase of more than 30 {8b72d60caf87589c5714b822e0f86f33ec1309baec89fda02f7ee565f48b76a4} both in the number of units and turnover. Thus more than 15,000 have already been sold in the first six months of the year.

Professor Helmar Franz, board member and strategic advisor to Haitian International commented on the result thus: “We see that Technology to the Point has been vindicated ten thousand times over, and we’ll stay on this successful course. With this sometimes seemingly unspectacular, yet extremely effective and sustainable strategy as our basis, we are working at full throttle on major issues such as the optimal capability for integration into MES software solutions, or on a newly defined modularity for established basic technologies in servo-hydraulic and electric series machines.”