HAITIAN-SEPRO: when two worldwide leaders meet

Haitian/Zhafir, worldwide leader for injection molding machines production, with over 28.000 machines sold per year and French SEPRO Company, one of the three most influential robot producer in the world, have agreed on an official collaboration for the Fakuma exposition in 2017. The agreement aims to fulfill the always increasing demand for molding machines paired with robots and allows both the companies to keep their standard in clients’ satisfaction, so that they can employ reliable and updated productive systems. Starting from 2018, Haitian/Zhafir molding machines are commercialized with 3-5 axes robots and SEPRO-branded control systems.


IMG has been working in Italy and Romania for ten years now as a dealer for Haitian/Zhafir branded products, with over 1000 molding machines installed on the Italian area. IMG sells two models of servo-assisted hydraulic machines: MARSII and JUPITERII, and two models of Zhafir branded electrical machines: VENUSII and ZERES. Through this newborn “Haitian by SEPRO” collaboration, IMG could widen its products range by including new solutions for automatic processes and productive series, and can guarantee a full rounded service to its customer thanks to its specialized personnel.



SEPRO makes use of a unique control platform called Visual, to simplify the machines scheduling and also the 3-5 axes robots scheduling.